People from all over the world (well, really just our friends and stuff) often wonder where the name The Dead Squirrels comes from. Here comes the longest, most convoluted band-name story ever:

One day, Jim’s wife was in their son’s elementary school classroom, and the teacher was reading to the class a heartwarming tale about a skittish stray cat that befriended an old woman. Each day the cat would come visit the woman, and each day the woman would give the cat a little bit of food. The cat got closer and closer to the woman until it eventually let the woman pet it.

One day, the cat didn’t stop by the old woman’s home. After a few days, the woman became concerned about the cat’s whereabouts, until, out of the blue, the cat returned, this time with several new kittens in tow. The cat had trusted the woman enough to bring her new family to meet her.

The cat returned with its brood for several days until one day the mother cat disappeared, leaving her kittens behind. As it turned out, the mother cat was ill, and she died, leaving the old woman to care for her family.

The story was supposed to be a heartwarming tale about trust and unconditional love, but all Jim’s wife could take from the story were two words – “DEAD CAT.”

As a result, when she saw her friends, Jim’s wife started saying “dead cat” as a term of endearment, equivalent to saying “I love you.”

Meanwhile, Donny, who vaguely remembered the story of the dead cat, tried to chime in one day when his wife and Jim’s wife were saying goodbye.

“Dead squirrel,” he said.

The women looked at Donny quizzically.

“It’s ‘dead cat,'” Donny’s wife said.

“Then what’s ‘dead squirrel’ mean?” Donny asked.

Jim’s wife paused for a moment and then said, “It means dumbass.”

So there you have it. The Dead Squirrels…just a couple of dumbasses.

Told you it was long and convoluted.

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    1. GOTCHA!!!! LMAO!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! As reading this even tho I wasn’t there, could actualllllly picture the whole scene & could HEAR every word!!!! Hahahahhahahahaha…”Dead Cat” & GOOD LUCK “Dead Squirrel”

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