The Dead Squirrels (2013)

Here you go. Just click on the photo and then save it to your computer. In iTunes, if you right click on the track, you can add artwork. Voila!


  1. Friday Night
  2. Heartbreak Joe
  3. Travelin' Man
  4. Live Like You Were Dyin'
  5. I Can't Quit You
  6. Connections
  7. You Don't Think
  8. You Gotta Wanna
  9. When I Was a Young Boy
  10. Squirrel Tale

Every band starts somewhere; this is where we began—just a couple of singer-songwriters who wanted to write, produce and market our music. We’ve learned a lot from this humble beginning, but we’re still proud of the tunes on here.

The track listing is above, but you can also click on the links below and you can hear ’em on YouTube. Or, if you’d rather, listen to them and download them from our ReverbNation page.

1.    Friday Night
2.    Heartbreak Joe
3.    Travelin’ Man
4.    Live Like You Were Dyin’
5.    I Can’t Quit You
6.    Connections
7.    You Don’t Think
8.    You Gotta Wanna
9.    When I Was a Young Boy
10.   Squirrel Tale