Be a Squirrel Nut.
We’ve produced five albums of original tunes available on all of the digital outlets—iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody, Spotify, you name it.
SQU1RL5 FINAL SleeveWe released our fourth album, "Squatro," in the spring of 2016.



We’ve got a limited supply of T-shirts available in a variety of sizes. Come on out to an upcoming gig, and you might just get one.

Here’s the shirt:

TDS T-Shirt


4 thoughts on “GET SQUIRREL SWAG.

  1. Would love to have one of your “The Dead Squirrels” tshirt. Any chance y’all have a ladies cut or V neck?

    I probably would wear a L in ladies.

    Thanks and rock and Peace on. Contact me IF ever playing in the Charleston, SC area. Perhaps, I could help y’all get a gig this way-if interested.

    1. We’re all sold out of our old shirts at the moment, but stay tuned for new merchandise soon. We’ll try to get those ladies cut versions, too.

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