This is for my mother, Carolyn Streisel (1939-2014). I love and miss you, Mom.

(Lyrics by Jim Streisel)

I packed up my bag last night
’Cause it was time for me to leave
Even though I wanted to stay

I was too tired to fight anymore
So I had to go
It was time to be on my way

And now I’m long gone
I ain’t ever coming back
It’s time to hit that open road
And travel down this long, long track

You know I’m long gone
See I’m finally on my way
Maybe we will meet again someday

We worked hard hour after hour
To make everything turn out right
You and me against the world, every day and every night

We’ve seen so much, We’ve done our time
Even though there’s more to do
You know it’s not my style to not see things through


It was time for me to close the door
On the life that we once had
Even though we both had so much more to do

I know we had so much more to give
We just needed a little more time
But now it’s up to you

I don’t know what’s in front of me
I only know about where I’ve been
And the good outweighs the bad

I didn’t mean to leave so soon
But that’s the way it goes
Until we meet again

(CHORUS) x 2

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