(Lyrics by Jim Streisel)

It was the middle of the night
And she held her baby tight
Holding on to one another underneath the streetlight
Keeping back the cold and trying to fight the good fight

The words on her sign said they fell on hard times
Could you spare a dime or help them find
A warm place to live for a short time or just a little while longer?

They had to get away
And while the scars on their bodies they had started to fade
Well, they were still all alone with no money to pay their way

She looked up at the sky and she started to cry
And she attempted to hide the tears in her eyes
’Cause even though she tried to help them both get by
She couldn’t stay strong much longer

But when she looked at him, she felt something
And it warmed her up from deep within

She said, I know that our love will see us through
Because you care about me and I care about you
No matter what they say, no matter what they do
They can’t take that away even if they want to

’Cause love, it’s got a way
To make us hope for a better day
And I hope and I pray if it goes our way
That our love will stay forever

Two young lovers tangled up under the covers
Hoping not to be discovered by significant others
’Cause if another found out then they would never have another
Day to be together

She said, we need to get away
’Cause we will never be together here if we stay
Well, we could grab our things and be on our way
And if we play it right we could even leave today





(CHORUS) x 2

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