(Lyrics by Jim Streisel)

The long week is over
And all the workin’ is through
It’s time to get all your friends together now
Tell you what we’re gonna do
Me and you (yes, it’s true)

We’ll have a party on the patio
What we gonna do, we just don’t know
Gonna sing our favorite songs on the radio
Gonna dance to the music nice and slow now
Gonna sit down, put our feet up
Gonna party till dawn when the sun comes up
Gonna laugh all night, so we can sleep all day
And don’t worry ’bout nothin’ ’til Monday

The night is still young
And it feels so right
So come on in, grab a drink
And just hang on tight

’Cause it’s a party on the patio
And nobody’s gonna go home now
We’re just gonna go with the flow
And have a party on the patio

Sittin’ around drinkin’ longnecks
Just listen now to what we’re gonna do next
Goin’ skinny dippin’. Doin’ drink sippin’.
We might go out in the field and do some cow tippin’.
Gonna drink a little, gonna live a little
And like Supertramp says, we’re gonna give a little
We’re gonna get down, so we can get back up
We’ll keep it goin’ ’til the sun comes up



And in the middle of the night
If it feels all right
We might let the music flow
We’ll break our guitars out
And sing the songs that we all know (Here we go now)

Sittin’ around the big bonfire
We’re gonna stay right here at least for a little while
We got plenty of drinks that we ain’t tried
We might even break out the Slip ’N Slide
So come on down and step inside
And grab a beer and just hold on tight
Sing a song with all your might
And let the Dead Squirrels make you feel all right


(CHORUS x 2)


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