I wrote this for my wife. We were playing a gig at a local establishment that happens to place the band against a full wall of windows. As we were warming up, I turned around and saw my wife walking past those windows on her way inside. After almost 20 years of marriage, she still takes my breath away.

(Lyrics by Jim Streisel)

Hanging with the boys just the other day
When the woman of my dreams starts walking my way
I don’t know what to think; I don’t know what to do
When I smell her perfume coming right on through

She gets me every time with her sly smile
And she looks me in the eye and tilts her head to the side
I just stop and I take it all in
And I think about tomorrow when she’ll do it again

She’s got a way of getting to me
She makes me happy

When she walks on by
She makes me feel alive
She really blows my mind
When she walks on by
She makes me feel alive

Like this…

 …one time I was keeping to myself
with my head down looking ’round at no one else
But when she walked on by I couldn’t help myself
She had a way to make the world turn in on itself

I couldn’t breathe, she made me weak in the knees
And there was no one or nothing or nowhere that I’d rather be
She made my heart melt and my soul run free
When her eyes started staring at me



She makes me feel alive
And that’s no lie
(all right…)


(Now check this…)
I know she’s gonna be my lover, there will never be another
Who can smother my heart, no I will never recover
From the way that she moves and the way that she grooves, so smooth,
She makes me lose my mind



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