(Lyrics by Jim Streisel)

Feel the push from the winds of change
Let ’em blow so hard that they break your chains
It’s time to celebrate another day and move on

Put your arms out and put your sword down
It’s time to listen up and hear the beautiful sound
Of a million other voices joining loud and proud as one

You know you gotta love someone
And let ’em reach out and love you right back
’Cause when you love someone
There ain’t nothing in the world like that

You gotta love
It’s time to love
You gotta love
We live to love

It’s time to put away your needless hate
And stop finding all the ways to separate
Cause when we join together that’s a really great way to live

Because together we can weather the storm or do whatever
We can do to make forever a better place whenever
We choose to stop taking and instead we choose to give



It’s a brand new day and the sun is high
It’s a good time to spread your wings and fly
Open up your heart and let your light inside shine bright

It’s time right now to keep an open mind
Choose to be kind and pretty soon you’ll find
That the world we share is gonna be all right




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